Our Vision

Our Vision for Your Dental Care

The most important valuable part of our practice is our families and the children we care for. Our vision is to be a model pediatric dental care office by continually learning and providing extraordinary care in all it’s dimensions:

  • Clinical Excellence:  We will deliver the best clinical care in a consistent, integrated way, always improving through innovation and evidence-based practice.
  • Service Excellence:  We will provide a compassionate healing experience that reflects the caring and noble nature of our work in every encounter with our patients, family members, and team.
  • Physician Engagement: We honor the essential role of our physician colleagues and will create systems and processes that help them best serve their patients.
  • Operational Effectiveness:  We will be wise and careful stewards of our resources to enable extraordinary care. We will maintain the financial strength we need to meet our high standards of quality while providing the lowest sustainable cost to residents in our communities.
  • Employee Engagement: We value our employees as our most important resource, and will create a workplace that attracts and rewards caring and talented individuals.
  • Community Stewardship: We are committed to serving the diverse needs of the children in our community. We work independently and with community partners to care for the under-served, and we will provide completely transparent and available dental services to the best of our ability with high moral standards.

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We are delighted with our children's care. My girls are so excited to go to the dentist and always have a positive experience. The staff is so patient,kind and gentle.

Laura M.

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